Who am I? And why should you

learn from me?

Hey there! I'm Vanessa Kier

I'm a tech coach for writers and the author of action-packed romantic thrillers. I love drinking chicory coffee, making homemade pizza, and taking long walks in nature.

As an independent author entrepreneur, I have hands-on experience with the technology today's writers need in order to write and publish their books, and to manage their careers.

Your writing time is too precious to be wasted struggling with tech issues. I'm here to help.

My Tech Background

In addition to being an author entrepreneur, I'm currently working as a Director of Accounting. I work for a small business with no need for a dedicated tech department. Which means I'm the one who provides in-house tech support.

I've handled issues ranging from how to use the fax machine (back in the day when people actually sent faxes) to cleaning the network after a virus (when you're at work, please don't click on a link you think might be infected just to see what happens).

I've also managed transitions to industry-specific software systems. Then I trained our employees on how to use the new systems.

I'm the one who doesn't mind reading the manuals and spending the time to troubleshoot.

Then I explain to non-techie people what they need to do to move forward.

My Teaching Background

I've been involved in teaching one way or another since I was a teenager. I've taught outdoor skills to inner city kids. I've taught high-school level math in West Africa. And I've taught adaptive horseback riding to physically and mentally challenged youths.

My experiences have honed my ability to break complex ideas down into simple parts.

I then provide clear explanations and actionable steps to take for success.